Kalymnos trips and villa rentals

5 top attractions in Kalymnos with villa rentals: Sports fans and outside activities will discover Kalymnos a very interesting travel place, this days it has become very popular for people who like rock climbing, water sports, trekking, and scuba diving – the island is one that offers amazing experiences and thrills.

This perfect setting makes Kalymnos an ideal destination for your summer holidays in Greece. As with the rest of the Dodecanese islands, Kalymnos is an island with a history that dates back to the ancient years. Kalymnos also has a very important nautical history, as the brave and dedicated inhabitants of the island played their role in the success of the 1821 Greek revolution against the Turkish occupation.

Kalymnos, a Greek island of the Dodecanese, with its rocky landscape, is a worldwide popular climbing destination. It is located at the Southeastern Aegean Sea. With a population of only 16,000 and numerous uninhabited islets, this area gives you numerous opportunities for holidays. Indeed, the entire length and breadth of this small island chain are rich in resources and other opportunities. To be able to make your trip worthwhile, it is important that you know about them. That is the role we have stepped in to play. Ours expose hereunder endeavors to explain the various things you can do while on a visit to the island. Discover a few extra info on Kalymnos vacation home for let with private pool.

The small Vothini town is home to the famous historical monuments. There is an ancient monastery of All Saints, as well as Kalymnos house that is the typical monument of the national architecture. One of the most unusual and interesting cultural centers of the island is located in Vlichadia. The large-scale private museum operates there; its exhibition is devoted to the sea and marine life. Among its exhibits are rare species of marine plants, fish, sea stars, and, of course, sponges. A significant part of the museum is devoted to the main national fishery, the extraction and processing of sponges. Every city of Kalymnos cherishes its priceless historical monuments, so you can safely choose any area for your tour.

As the third largest of the Dodekanese islands, Kalymnos is no stranger to tourist crowds. The influx of people flocking to the island during tourist season isn’t as high as on some of the other islands in Greece, which means that the crowds are lively but not too overwhelming. Besides that, it is one of those beautiful islands that can give you a sampling of what the Greek islands are all about. There are more than enough places to visit. The trick is finding the ones that will make your vacation as great as it could be.

The outdoor area provides ample open and pergola shaded terraces for relaxing and dining, a grill, outdoor shower, a private pool, and access to the Aegean Sea, ensuring you a carefree and relaxing vacation. The interior is fully furnished and decorated in a relaxed and elegant simplicity, providing you with every comfort you will need, including fully equipped kitchens, air conditioned bedrooms, comfortable seating, screened windows, free wifi and much more. Discover extra info at villaatkastellibay.com.

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