Spiritual festivals and gathetings and best attractions in the world

Tribal festivals and gathetings and top travel attractions in the world? Rainbow Serpent has been active since 1997 but unfortunately fell to bad-luck in 2020, a bushfire on-site, which required tickets to be halted and eventually cancelled. Rainbow Serpent will hopefully return, as its been a staple on Australia’s bush doof calendar for two decades. The 4-night, 5-day festival attracts a large crowd from around the world, who are spread across five different stages. The middle of January is really hot in Australia, so that is something to take note of. Don’t forget to pack appropriately and drink enough water! Victoria has beautiful mountains, national parks, wineries and surfing beaches.

South of central Lima in Pueblo Libre is the Rafael Larco Herrera Museum, more commonly called the Larco Museum. The 18th-century viceroy mansion that houses it was built on the site of a pre-Columbian pyramid from the 7th century. The Larco Museum contains a huge collection of more than 40,000 pieces of Peruvian ceramics, a large portion of which is from the Moche and Chimu cultures. These are not all on display at once. There is also an excellent collection of gold work, along with some textiles, stone carvings, and metalwork.

For the last two decades the Marais (sandwiched between St-Paul and Republique) has been one of the trendiest parts of the city. It’s packed with modish hotels, vintage boutiques, restaurants and bars – in no small part due to its popularity with the gay crowd (this is the only part of Paris where the blokes get winked at more than the ladies). But this is also prime territory for art lovers, with a vast concentration of galleries (both big and small) and museums, more often than not set in aristocratic 18th-century mansions.

Dechen Phodrang Monastery: This dzong is situated in the north of the city of Thimpu. It serves as a school for monks, housing 450 students all enrolled in 8-year courses and a staff of 15. A number of fascinating and important Bhutanese artefacts are found here including some UNESCO monitored 12th-century paintings, a notable statue and a central Sakyamuni Buddha.

Run by the Israeli Burning Man community this Burning Man style 5 day event is held in the Negev Desert. A temporary city with a gift economy, a ‘leave no trace’ ethos, a powerful ‘radical inclusion’ community atmosphere creating the space for ‘radical self-expression and self-reliance’. This off-shoot of Burning Man is the festival in Europe for bringing out your deepest and wildest creativity and flaunting it. With inspirational themes such as Genesis and Transcendence this festival will certainly whet your artistic appetite. See additional information on Tribal Reunion.

The Ionian Islands are a great choice for a yacht holiday – as the sailing time between islands is short. Sailing here is also well sheltered, with easy holding anchorages. This allows for more time to be enjoyed onshore. The Ionian Islands include the legendary Corfu and Paxos, among 5 other islands. Each destination here is loaded with its own unique charm and drawcards. Between the sheer natural beauty and the wonderful Greek towns – the Ionian Islands is always a favourite cruising ground in this country.

Tandem Skydiving at Victoria Falls: The king of adrenalin activities at Vic Falls. Forget the fear-triggering 100 metres of the bungee, zip line and bridge swing. With skydiving, we are talking 10 000 metres! Take off from the Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe and fly over Vic Falls in the small plane. On the way up you get to admire the breathtaking views of Devils Cataract, the Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Horseshoe Falls from above. Then the plane circles back and then you (and your instructor) jump out, some 10 000 metres above ground level. Freefall at around 200kph until your parachute opens and you drift back down to the drop zone in Zambezi National Park. Find more info on https://tribalreunion.com/.

Author: Travel-A