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private Rome tours and Top travel sites to visit in Rome

Advantages booking Rome private tours: Take the trip you want, the way that you want it. We pride ourselves in creating engaging and fun itineraries but we still understand that not everyone is thrilled to be doing each of the activities we have chosen. That’s where private tours really shine. You choose the people you want to go with, the destination, and the activities you want to do. With the help of our tour operations team, you can build your dream vacation.

Rome attractions : Villa Farnesina – Visitors who want a peek at how the wealthy lived during the Renaissance may want to visit Villa Farnesina, a villa located in the Trastevere district. The Villa Farnesina is well known for the frescoes depicting the myths of Cupid and Psyche that were painted by Raphael. Works by various other artists were commissioned by a banker who was also a papal treasurer, and who had the villa built in 1506.

Walking through the forum, now in the middle of a throbbing modern city, is like stepping back two millennia into the heart of ancient Rome. Although what survives of this center of Roman life and government shows only a small fraction of its original splendor, the standing and fallen columns, its triumphal arches, and remains of its walls still impress, especially when you consider that for centuries, the history of the Forum was the history of the Roman Empire and of the western world. Roman political and religious life was centered here, along with the courts, markets, and meeting places.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore – Founded in the 4th century, the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (St. Mary Major) is considered one of the most important Catholic churches in Rome. Its 18th-century exterior conceals one of the best-preserved Byzantine interiors in the city. Travelers who are in Rome on August 5 may want to attend the Miracle of the Snows celebration when thousands of white petals are dropped from the ceiling. Extra info on Rome private tours

Roman Forum, The Roman Forum today largely consists of ruins and fragments of the past, but originally it was the teeming focal point of the ancient city. The Forum was not only a busy marketplace, it was the center of religious and public life in the city and was filled temples, government buildings and commercial enterprises. Development of the Forum began in the 7th century BC and it was abandoned after the fall of Rome in 476 AD when Romulus was overthrown by Germanic tribes.

Free things to do in Rome : Crawl the Piazzas , Piazza Navona and Piazza Campo dei Fiori are the two most famous piazze (public squares) in Rome. Piazza Navona, which follows the plan of an ancient circus (public event venue) and contains two famous fountains by Bernini, comes alive in the evenings. Piazza Navona is a wonderful pedestrian square where many locals take their evening stroll. The Campo dei Fiori (the field of flowers) is best experienced during the daytime market hours. Numerous caf?s, restaurants, and bars circle the Campo. You’ll eat much cheaper around the Campo dei Fiori, where there are take-out stands and delis everywhere.

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