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The guide for the most awesome luxury vacation

Planning the most awesome luxury vacation and you need to book luxury travel flighs at affordable prices ? Here is a guide :

There’s nothing better than a vacation where you feel the hotel’s deep commitment to connecting with their guests, a place where you are recognized on arrival, where the staff cares about your preferences and truly appreciates your business. You’re not going to get this special service at a cookie cutter, 3-star chain hotel. Stay where that personal touch is of utmost importance, where you are more than just a room number, where attention to detail creates a memorable experience for each and every guest. You get what you pay for.

Visitors to London should try the quintessentially British institution of afternoon tea. Many places lay it on, but the older and more elegant establishments seem to make it an extra special occasion. A visit to the UK without afternoon tea – well, it just wouldn’t be cricket, as we British say.

If you’re planning to see a show in London or New York, before you pay top dollar, visit the TKTS ticket booth in Leicester Square (London) or Times Square (New York) – you can buy tickets for all the best shows for half price or at a heavy discount.

When dealing with a hotel, agent or villa owner directly, always ask for a discount. If you don’t ask, they won’t offer.

Save time and gain an unique experience when dining at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. The very smart At.mosphere restaurant and lounge allows you to avoid the crowds heading to the observation deck, plus you enjoy the view while relaxing with a meal or drink.

Inform yourself about the health situation in the country that you want to visit. When applicable, visit your doctor in time for immunizations (allow up to 6 weeks for any vaccinations to take effect) and other travel-related medical treatments. You can find all necessary information on the website of the USA Centre for Disease Control and Prevention or the website of the world-famous Belgian Institute of Tropical Medicine.

Know what the weather will be like at your travel destinations. Don’t get caught unprepared, and always double-check the weather forecast the day before your departure. The best weather forecast websites are the weather channel, wunderground, and – my favorite – accuweather.

Choose a cheap 5-star destination. When looking for a 5-star retreat think about the country first. You want a country where your currency buys a lot. Then find the luxury experience within it. From North America consider Central America. From the UK think Greece and Portugal. From Australia you have much of Southeast Asia within a reasonable long-haul flight.

While most people visit Paris while in France, consider visiting a less touristy city to get a different experience of French culture.

Your money will take you a lot further than it would in Paris and you’ll be able to enjoy a luxury vacation for less.

Suggested destinations : If you’re ready to go really exotic, there is nowhere better than Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are tons of fabulous things to do and of course the Four Seasons, Chiang Mai is incredible. We had a waterfall just outside of our back deck. The property is situated on a working rice paddy. The spa is incredible. And we did an amazingly romantic cooking class together. Seeing a man help in the kitchen always does it for me! But when you’re not cooking there are amazing restaurants in Chiang Mai to try!

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