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Compare ticket price with MetaTrip and a few potential vacation locations

Admiring London at least once should be on the check list of any person who likes to see the world. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when visiting London is not to plan your visit in advance. Starting with flights and accommodations and ending with London attractions and activities – booking in advance means more choice, better prices, and less time wasted queuing. After all, you want to make the most of your trip to London and not spend all your precious time standing in line. TIP: Often tickets for the main attractions are cheaper if booked online at least a day in advance. For example, you can get cheaper tickets for Madame Tussaud’s or London Eye.

Benefits booking private Rome tour guide: Some people hear the words Private Tour and automatically think this will be cost prohibitive. Yet this could not be further from the truth. Families are normally very surprised at how much better value for money is offered by private tours, especially when there are several members in a party to spread the cost. Once all the extra costs are taken into consideration, private tours can often work out at a better per person price than going on a shared tour with other strangers. And for those really looking for an exclusive experience, options are available to upgrade to our VIP Level Tours.

My best picks for travel locations that i think must be seen at least once. Northern Europe and especially Norway is a amazing travel destination. Gothenburg, Sweden – Sweden’s second city, Gothenburg may be at heart an industrial port city, but its wide avenues, leafy parks, world-class museums and lively student population make it an atmospheric place to spend a weekend. Hop on one of the fun and efficient trams that criss-cross the city to visit its many parks, galleries and attractive regenerated neighbourhoods, or leap on a ferry and venture further afield to explore the islands of the southern archipelago.

Different Adventure Travel destinations:

For most travelers, the idea of spending two to three weeks skiing across the Arctic Ocean to reach the North Pole sounds like anything but a vacation. But for the truly adventurous, reaching this remote destination is a true test of endurance and determination, not to mention a great addition to any adventure resume. The Adventure Consultants can make a North Pole expedition a reality with a “last degree” journey that starts at roughly the 89th latitude and continues all the way to the top of the world. This fully-supported adventure is unlike any other, and while not cheap, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit a place that few humans ever get the chance to explore. The weather will be cold and you’ll be cross-country skiing for hours each day, but the payoff is incredible solitude in the land of the polar bear where only the most hardy and adventuresome ever dare to tread.

Metatrip is always 100% free for all travelers and we never charge travelers commission. Our goal is to help travelers save money! To keep our services running, we rely on commissions from the biggest travel providers and partners: for every booking made through us or for every time travelers visit a partner’s website. Extra details at Compare Tours and Attraction Ticket Prices.

Travel packs for enjoying with your kids, a big problem for families with kids. Let’s list some locations that are ideal for kids. Toronto : It’s only a 90-minute trip from 60 percent of the United States to get to this friendly Canadian city, making it an easy weekend getaway, plus an affordable one, thanks to an advantageous exchange rate for Americans. For 2019, a plethora of family-friendly attractions are debuting, including the new Museum of Illusions (a fun mix of science and magic) and a new record-breaking roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland. And family favorite Ontario Science Centre is celebrating its 50-year milestone anniversary with a slew of new exhibits.

Fabulous Sardinia, a must see for everyone. Remains of literally thousands of these stone towers scatter throughout Sardinia, most in complete ruin, but this is the best preserved and most complete. It is also the closest major one to Cagliari, and the best interpreted, with 30-minute tours and English-speaking guides. If you can see only one, see this one, which UNESCO cited as one of the best restorations anywhere in the Mediterranean. Timber found in the walls of the central tower was carbon dated to 1,500 BC, and the outer towers were built in the 11th or 12th century BC. You can go inside the tower, climbing to its upper reaches for a close-up view of the stacked dome made of dry stones without mortar. Spiral stairways inside its 1.8-meter walls connect the three stories, and as you climb through the passageways, you can appreciate the finesse of the engineering and workmanship these prehistoric people achieved. After exploring the towers and the foundations of the ancient village surrounding it, be sure to stop in the Casa Zapata Museum, in the village, where – along with other fascinating exhibits – you can see another nuraghe that has been excavated under the building. Here you get a birds-eye view of the construction from a walkway above the walls.

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