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Everything you need to know about children’s motorcycles

So, thinking that your first motorcycle adventure will be unforgettable because it is exciting and fun (and not because of a sanction), it would be interesting to know what are the age limits for children to ride a motorcycle and what are the legal alternatives for children to learn to ride a motorcycle before that age.

At what age is it legal for children to ride motorcycles as passengers?

Travelling as passengers is the first opportunity for a child to get on a motorcycle. In this case, the minimum age is 7 years, provided that the driver is his father, mother, legal guardian or an adult, provided that he has an authorization duly signed by any of the above.

If the above condition is not met, i.e. the child travels on a motorcycle with other people and without authorization, the minimum age to go as a passenger on a motorcycle is 12 years.

Your first motorcycle: At what age can a minor ride a motorcycle?

With the arrival of adolescence, there are many young people who begin to ask for a motorcycle to go to school or to go out on weekends. Right from the start, four points must be made clear to them:

In any case, they will have to wait until they are 15 years old.

They need a motorcycle permit.

They will only be allowed to ride mopeds when they are 15 years old and, in addition, motorcycles up to 125 c.c. when they are 16 years old.

If they are accompanied, they will have to respect the minimum age for motorcycle passengers.

Licenses and permits required to carry a motorcycle

From the age of 15 they may drive two or three wheel mopeds and light quadricycles up to 49 cc, but before that they must have obtained the AM permit, which consists of a theoretical part and a practical part in a closed circuit. As a curiosity, it is possible to start driving the moped on the same day as your 15th birthday, since it is possible to take the theoretical test up to 3 months before your 15th birthday, and you can also practice in a closed circuit. The only requirement is to pass the practical test on the birthday.

Waiting until you are 16 years old allows you to obtain the A1 driving licence which, in addition to mopeds and quads, allows you to drive motorcycles up to 125 c.c. and up to 11 kW.

From there, it is necessary to wait until the age of majority to drive an engine of any capacity with the A2 licence or until 21 to get the A licence and carry motorcycles of any power.

Legal alternatives so that children can ride a motorcycle sooner

The fact that the law does not allow children and adolescents to use motorcycles for urban or road travel does not mean that their use is prohibited for minors. The alternative is to drive in a closed circuit. In fact, the possibility of riding motorcycles on a circuit allows for the practice and examination to obtain the AM permit at the age of 15.

At what age is it legal for children to ride in closed circuits on motorcycles?

On closed circuits there is no minimum age on children’s motorcycles. In closed circuits, parents will be responsible for deciding what is the appropriate age for the child to ride a motorcycle for the first time.

In motorcycle competitions, which take place in closed circuits, there is also no limit established by law. Each federation indicates a minimum age to compete, being the most frequent thing that one can begin to compete with motorcycles for children from the 5 years as recommended by https://vesping.com/city-tour-barcelona/

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